CPN Partnership

We partner with the leader in college planning and college funding in the country! The resources they provide has changed the way students plan for college since 1994! College Planning Network is the nation's largest and most reputable college admissions and financial aid servicing center.

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Financial Aid Data Gathering

Gathering Data and Processing. Filling out the forms! Our clients receive specialized attention throughout the financial aid process. The average family that enrolls in one of our college planning network programs receives $19,075 per year in financial aid. Our average “under awarded” family (after appeal by our CPN team) receives an additional $4,809 per year in aid.

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College Funding

39% of College freshman won't make it to their junior year . . . because the parents have run out of money and the student can't earn enough to make up the difference! We are experts at building a plan for you to fund college, for every one of your children! Every plan is custom built to meet the needs and dreams of each family. Your plan will not be the same as your neighbor.

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Student Services

A comprehensive student services program to guide your child through the college process. We help your child with everything from narrowing down the number of colleges they are considering, to meeting all deadlines required by those schools. A six-phase system will help your child identify the critical aspects of college planning and address them at the right time.

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College costs have increased 7% to 8% each year for over 40 years. Today, four years of college could cost over $200,000. Without the aid of professional college planning guidance, an average family may sacrifice their retirement plans, incur very large amounts of debt and student loans, or worse yet, may not even be able to send their children to college at all.

There is currently $198 billion of financial aid available and tax relief to help families pay for college. Financial aid is not limited to special groups – most families can qualify for some form of aid. Today, families attempt to navigate through the rules, regulations, and forms on their own. The College Process is not the same as it was in the '80's! If you don't understand the application process fully, you may damage your chances of receiving aid.

Whether you have a good income and have saved for years to fund your child’s education, or you have nothing saved and have just started to think about it, a professional college financial planning firm like Go College Planning can help you secure your child’s future. We will guide you through the financial aid process and provide comprehensive financial aid planning, as well as expert student counseling. By helping students determine their interests, courses of study, and preferences, they are less likely to transfer schools or change majors – both of which add substantially to the cost of college.

If you are looking at sending your children off to college, you need to contact us. "But you can do this all on your own!" Yes you can! You can also do your taxes on your own, your own lawn care, and your own oil change. But most people pay to have these things done for them. Why? Because there are experts who take care of those things for us. We can help you plan for one of your largest expenditures you will see in your lifetime.

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