At the free, no-obligation phone consultation, you will have an hour to ask our Educational Consultants your most pressing questions about the college planning and financial aid process. In addition we will:

  1. Calculate your family’s Estimated Family Contribution, so you will know exactly how much the schools your child is most interested in attending expect you to pay.
  2. Calculate your asset protection allowance, so you can be aware of how much of your assets you can shelter from the financial aid formulas.
  3. Calculate your housing index multiplier, so you don’t give up extra equity that may decrease your chances to max out financial aid.
  4. Let you know what you and your child should focus on to maximize your chances of getting the most financial aid possible.

To make your free, no-obligation phone consultation most beneficial, please have your computer and the following items of information available:

  • Most recently filed W-2, 1099 or other records of earned income for Student and Parents.
  • Most recently filed federal income tax records for student and parents
  • Records of Untaxed Incomes, such as Child Support, Welfare, Social Security, AFDC or ADC and any Veterans Benefits for students and parents.
  • Current bank statements
  • Current Mortgage Information, including original purchase price of home, current market value, amount owed, amount of monthly payment and yearly total taxes paid
  • Business (Self-Employment) Records, and / or Farm Records
  • Record of stocks, bonds and other investments, including retirement accounts and life insurance policies
  • Copy of FAFSA if previously completed for any children
  • Your child’s GPA, and ACT or SAT scores (or preliminary scores)
  • List of Colleges your Student is interested in Attending

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