Student Services

Find the right college, for the right price, and pay the least amount!

Our comprehensive student services program guides your child through the entire college planning process. We help your child with everything from narrowing down the number of colleges they are considering, to meeting all deadlines required by those schools. We have developed a proprietary six-phase system that helps your child address every critical aspect of college planning at exactly the right time they should be addressing it.

Student Assessment
  • What combination of sessions would best suit your Student’s individual needs
  • Written initial report provided to Parents along with a summary of the interview & specific recommendations
  • We will use one of the most state-of-the-art “Student Positioning” tools available called Springboard. The program takes a complete and in-depth profile of your student’s talents, their interests, their likes and dislikes and their ambitions. It seeks to figure out what is it that really makes them tick. In other words, what would they enjoy doing with the rest of their lives in terms of a career path?
Personality Profile Evaluation
  • Skills Assessment to help determine if you have the skills necessary for careers that matches your interests and what you need to do to improve your skillset./li>
  • Learning Styles Inventory to discover how you learn/retain information & find tips on how to improve your study habits to best suit your particular learning style
Advanced Search Of Careers, Majors & Studies Based On Specific Student Interests
  • Matchmaker Assessment based on your specific likes/dislikes to find careers, majors & studies that match up with your interests.
  • Innovative College Search Based On Demographics & Personalized Areas of Importance
Personalized Private Student Interview
  • Designed By A Ph.D., An M.I.T. Graduate & Former University Professor Extremely Knowledgeable About Admissions Practices
  • Personal one-on-one mentoring session with a NACAC certified college counselor — many who were previous admission officers at major universities across the country
  • Written Report Will Be Provided To The Parent & Advisor Along With A Summary Of The Interview & Recommendations For The Student
ACT/SAT/PSAT Testing Preparation
  • Thorough explanation of the SAT/ACT tests & help in improving overall understanding of these tests & test taking in general
  • Review proven ‘best’ study methods
  • Review how to decipher whether or not you should take or retake the tests
  • Review how to sign up and send scores
  • A Full ACT Prep Course designed to help students increase scores. Our clients seen average increase of 4 pts.
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Our proprietary six-phase system helps your child address every critical aspect of college planning at exactly the right time they should be addressing it.

Doing it all on your own is time consuming and error prone. We can help!