Go College Planning is a company dedicated to helping parents find the most affordable way to maximize and fund your child’s college education. As one of the top college funding practices in the country – and one of the largest in the state of Texas, the firm has its roots in the financial services industry.

When Teresa Kuhn launched her career in the financial services, she soon found many of her clients struggling to pay for college and find financial aid. In fact, some were even losing their opportunity for financial aid because they didn’t know that some of their decisions would affect their eligibility. As a result, Teresa founded a specialty college funding practice.

As an expert in the field, she and her team of college funding specialists meet several times a year with other planners to discuss college financial aid issues as well as changes in the industry, and she speaks at events across the country.

Turning to Go College Planning will not only simplify the process for you, it could save you thousands of dollars, solidify your child’s preparation for college and career, and help you pay for college without sacrificing your retirement dreams. The average family that enrolls in one of our college planning network programs receives $19,075 per year in financial aid. Our average “under awarded” family (after appeal by our CPN team) receives an additional $4,809 per year in aid.

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About Teresa Kuhn

Teresa Kuhn photoTeresa Kuhn is the leading college funding expert in Austin, TX. Since Teresa Kuhn started her local college funding business, she has helped hundreds of parents in Austin, TX to send their children to college without spending their life’s savings or mortgaging their house to the hilt!

Teresa is a highly sought after speaker and media favorite with his insider’s secrets on how to legally beat the high cost of college.

Teresa Kuhn makes her home in Austin, TX with her spouse, David. She is a firm believer that any parent, regardless of their background or financial circumstances, can send their child to college if they know how to play the financial aid game properly.

For more information concerning upcoming college funding workshops or to schedule an appointment for a FREE financial aid consultation... simply call (1(800)382-0830 anytime 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

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